Guiding Beliefs

My unique salon is fastidiously maintained using only the greenest cleaning products and is powered by wind energy. For those who are already leading a deep green life, this is a haven where you can continue your pure lifestyle. For those just dipping their toes for the first time into natural hair care, this salon can set you on the right course and provide you with suggestions for selecting natural hair, skin care, and lifestyle options.

Aromatherapy, juice cleansing, live vegan food, film fanatic, travel, and alternative healing modalities are other interests that enhance my continued exploration of green beauty.

Price List

Women’s Haircut: $120-145
Men’s Haircut: $90
2/3 Highlights: start at $200
2/3 Highlights with Single Process: $220–290
Balayage: $180 & up
Herbal Single Process: $120–160
Blow-out: $50 & up
Make-up Consultation and Application: $125
Eyebrow shaping: $25
Eyebrow color: $15

Cash Only please. Sorry, I do not accept credit cards.

All prices fluctuate slightly, so check with Jane for your exact price. If your hair is very long or thick, the price may be more.