photo by eugene mim

photo by: eugene mim

Grace Heaven Salon

Grace Heaven

A salon where beautiful cuts and color peacefully coexist with the best in natural hair care. Synthetic fragrances and toxic ingredients have no place in our salon, but don’t think we’re a dippy patchouli palace; style’s still our obsession.

The brands we choose to use are gentle, fume-free, and ideal for people with chemical sensitivities or color junkies concerned about their hair’s health. One of our herbal color lines can even be safely used by pregnant women.

Herbal colors offer long-lasting color and shine without harming the environment. We only use non-herbal products for off-the-scalp techniques, and only when necessary.

Our salon is located on one of the East Village’s most charming blocks, and our intimate setting (just two chairs!) lets you relax--and lets us give you our complete attention.

So step inside, sip a fruit juice, and get ready for healthy hair!


Jane Webb: By appointment. Check with the receptionist.


Call for our new East Village location!


Appointments: 917 607 4660.