Organic Essence Shea Cream

Posted by on Feb 6, 2010 in Blog

I have been a huge fan of shea butter for a very long time. Barely a day passes that I don’t recommend it as a cure for everything from dry hair, cracked heels, scars and lip balm to eczema! I am never without it and find that as a stylist it is my go to product to reduce fuzziness and to create texture in every manner of hair.

I have tried countless shea butters and find the Organic Essence to be my absolute favorite.

The integrity in this product is matchless and the groundbreaking 100% biodegradable packaging should be setting an example for the entire cosmetic industry. Actually the entire packaging industry for that matter.

Many products claim to be organic but in reality have only one or two organic ingredients in them. Every single ingredient in Organic Essence is organic . Many competitors who claim to reiki and fill their jars with love won’t commit to buying organic ingredients! You only need to have one organic ingredient in a jar to claim it is organic so that is why I read labels carefully and never assume that manufacturers share my high standards because sadly they are usually just thinking about a bottom line. This company also uses high quality essential oils in their line and they aren’t cheap with them. Each jar is beautifully scented with non toxic essential oils that aid in the healing process of all manner of issues physical and spiritual.

I love Organic Essence Shea Butter and think there are countless uses for this product in everyone’s life! Buy it and be a part of the solution! Support the good guys who are making a difference by lightening the footprint on this planet.