No Bathroom Should Be Without One

Posted by on Apr 13, 2009 in Blog

My most recent visit to that wackiest of fests know as the New Life Expo yielded a great discovery in the form of a very interesting artist named Matthew Fraser who lives in Brooklyn and turned his considerable sculptural talents to making the very practical Miracle Step.

The Miracle Step is used to lift the legs 7 inches off the floor creating a posture akin to squatting which is the natural position for the body to vacate the bowel entirely. It fits perfectly around the toilet to be unobtrusive and is ergonomically constructed with bamboo. You will notice a difference immediately in how your body reacts and wonder how you could have ever lived without one. A great bonus is that it is esthetically very pleasing.

You can contact Matthew at 1-917-664-0372

or at his email address:

Elimination Is Good!
Elimination Is Good!