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My Favorite Things

I always love when someone writes these lists and guides me to some amazing new experience. I hope this list does that for you.

Life is better with tea. I gave up coffee thirty years ago and never looked back.. I particularly like the Green, White, and Oolongs from these two incredible companies:

For herb tea, this company always has the freshest teas:

And for Chinese herbs and medicinal teas – Ron Teeguarden inspired the craze for tonic elixirs which have spawned several elixir bars to open, most notably, at Erewhon in Los Angeles. New York needs one! Listed below are his company and several of his proteges:

Phase out your unsafe cosmetics and embrace clean, green versions of everything. If you are unsure of the purity of a product or an ingredient you can check this website which will tell you exactly how safe it actually is:

They are an amazing resource, and they have an app, so you can check their site before making a purchase while in the store.

You’re best source for natural skin care and makeup is Credo and Cap Beauty and Follain.

At Bigelow Pharmacy, there are Jane Iredele cosmetics.

On-line, check out:

Favorite skin care:
Dr. Alkaitis …or better yet learn to make your own! I like natural oils, hydrosols and rose water.

For the highest quality supplements, raw food basics, and organic body care, this shop sets the bar very high, and is an absolute must for the serious devotee of healing and natural beauty:
Live Live
261 E 10th St
New York, NY 10009

The best app/website when looking for vegetarian/vegan restaurants world-wide:

Essential oils have been a huge part of my healing journey, and I could not imagine life without them. These are some of my favorite purveyors:

John Steele is one of the world’s experts on essential oils and sources some of the finest and rarest oils around. You can reach him at 818-986-0594.

In New York City, check out Enfleurage which also offers free classes on the occasional Sunday nights:

237 W 13th St
New York, NY 10011

A few personal favorite veg restaurants, or restaurants with great veg options:
 Divya’s Kitchen, Hangawi, Kajitsu, Caravan of Dreams, Superiority Burger,  Buddha Bodai, Peace Food Cafe, The Butcher’s Daughter, Dimes and abcV.

In Philadelphia, check out:
Vedge, Blackbird Pizza, Charlie is a Sinner.

For luscious vegan cheeses these two Brooklyn locations are a must: Dr. Cow and Riverdel Fine Foods.

For the perfect honey to go with that perfect cup of tea check out:

Two favorite things to wake up to: Abraham-Hicks quote of the day, and The Course in Miracles Lesson Book.

Favorite sources for organic towels and sheets:
rawganique.com    …exquisite linen sheets and waffled cotton towels.
coyuchi.com     …Spend the entire winter wrapped in their lush flannel sheets

Mentors for green living:
Annie Berthold- Bond
Debra Lynn Dadd

Learn how to create inexpensive, effective natural cleaners for your home..Add a few drops of essential oils to your solutions to clear your space energetically/aromatically.
Read: Better Basics for the Home by Annie B. Bond


Other mentors who inspire me:

David Wolfe has the consummate health nut source for rare and unusual superfoods and he has hundreds of super informative videos. www.longevitywarehouse.com

I watch the You tube videos of these people when I need inspiration: Dan McDonald Life Regenerator, Dr Robert Morse, Caroline Myss and Marianne Williamson .

For protection from cell phone radiation (which redirects radiation away from the body) I use the cases from:  www.pongcase.com And Safe Sleeve

Little by little I have moved towards buying organic clothing as much as possible:

For socks and leggings: www.maggiesorganics.com

For underwear: www.wearpact.com


For clothing: Hempest.com, prairieunderground.com






Check back occasionally! As I will add new people, places and things soon!

Buy green and clean!