Tumeric Ginger charcoal lemonade!!

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Made from fresh squeezed ginger and turmeric root, Black pepper and cayenne,organic lemons and limes from Barry Koral’s tropical farm in San Diego and sweetened with maple syrup. #Detoxify #EarlySummer #Charcoalcleanse #Tumeric #Graceheavenorganic

Oolong Season

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Rishi tea and many other companies have micro batches of oolong tea from small farms in Thailand and Taiwan. March through May are the times to call and see what they have in stock. They sell out quickly to Tea obsessives. The diversity of flavor from batch to batch is impressive. #oolong #plantfood http://www.rishi-tea.com/

Natural Cosmetics

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         Credo is the best cosmetics store I have ever visited. Head into the finest department stores that New York City has to offer and they look at you like you have three heads if you ask them if they have any natural/organic/non-toxic make up. The high-end of the cosmetic market is […]

Favorite Things

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My Favorite Things I always love when someone writes these lists and guides me to some amazing new experience. I hope this list does that for you. Life is better with tea. I gave up coffee thirty years ago and never looked back.. I particularly like the Green, White, and Oolongs from these two incredible […]

Evolved Cuisine is Coming to a Town Near you

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In the past when I’d visit Los Angeles the first thing I’d do after alighting was to head straight to Cru, Silver Lake’s premiere raw food restaurant, for a hardcore theobroma fix- their rich,creamy chocolate shake and cashew raviolis with pesto…or any number of the other addictive entree offerings. ( you would think that an […]

Organic Essence Shea Cream

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I have been a huge fan of shea butter for a very long time. Barely a day passes that I don’t recommend it as a cure for everything from dry hair, cracked heels, scars and lip balm to eczema! I am never without it and find that as a stylist it is my go to […]

Eco Chick Starre Vartan Visits Grace Heaven Salon

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This is reproduced from Greenopia’s website. Be sure to check out Starre Vartan’s Great New Book The Eco Chick’s Guide to Life-How To Be Fabulously Green ******************************************************************* Super Natural Hair Color: NYC’s Grace Heaven Salon by Starre Vartan I’ve been dying my hair red since I was 16, and I’m twice that age now. I […]

No Bathroom Should Be Without One

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My most recent visit to that wackiest of fests know as the New Life Expo yielded a great discovery in the form of a very interesting artist named Matthew Fraser who lives in Brooklyn and turned his considerable sculptural talents to making the very practical Miracle Step. The Miracle Step is used to lift the […]

Sivananda Juice Fast: NY and the Bahamas

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2010 Bahamas Update: As it turns out there is organic produce to be had in Nassau, Bahamas at Good Fellows Farm which I have been told is near the airport. Hopefully Sivanada will forge a relationship with the farm to provide organic produce for the juice fasts and ultimately for all/much of their produce needs. […]

Great Basics- Organic Clothing

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Here are a few links to my favorite organic clothing companies. For the basics I love the organic cotton leggings and perfectly fitted tees from Pact, Maggie’s and Satva. WearPact.com      Satva living.com    Maggiesorganics.com