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The raw food world is full of profound stories of people who have reversed fatal diseases, lost weight and transformed their lives for the better but there aren’t many examples of what decades on raw foods look like. Certainly one of the most impressive of the handful of famous raw personalities out there is Chef Cara Brotman (and her […]

The Best of NYC’s Plant Based World Expo June,2019

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Thousands of vegans trekked to the Jacob Javits Convention Center like Muslims to Mecca to sample the exciting new food options available and to hear world-class speakers opine on the future of the plant-based food movement. Plant-based food sales topped $3.3 billion over the past year with 20% growth as opposed to only 2% growth for all […]

Raw Vegan at 80

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Raw , Vegan and Thriving at 80                   Mimi Kirk is proof that it’s never too late to turn your life around in a profound way. At 70 years of age Mimi was told by her doctor to start on medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol and arthritis issues but instead of filling the prescription she […]

In Pursuit of Tea

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Sebastian Beckwith has trotted the globe searching for the finest teas that the planet has to offer. Oolong lovers will be in heaven as he regularly visits Taiwan and China uncovering farflung small tea farms. Whether your obsession is Matcha, black, herbal, pu-erh or green tea you will find that all of these teas are […]

Favorite Soy-free Miso

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This makes every soup infinitely better and it’s so easy to use. It’s organic, unpasteurized and living. Rich in enzymes and beneficial organisms and most importantly it’s delicious!  Made in Conway, Massachusetts. Be sure to check their website for other products like Koji brown rice, maple syrup and tamari. All house made.

Arati Store

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 Adjacent to Gurumayi’s ashram is a magical little store that packs all your needs under one roof. The owner Krishna has sourced a fine selection of jewelry, essential oil’s, crystals, ceramics, cd’s, clothing, books, chocolates and healthy snacks.While sipping your vegan chai latte you can settle into a couch to bask in the good vibes […]

Tumeric Ginger charcoal lemonade!!

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Made from fresh squeezed ginger and turmeric root, Black pepper and cayenne,organic lemons and limes from Barry Koral’s tropical farm in San Diego and sweetened with maple syrup. #Detoxify #EarlySummer #Charcoalcleanse #Tumeric #Graceheavenorganic

Natural Cosmetics

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         Credo is the best cosmetics store I have ever visited. Head into the finest department stores that New York City has to offer and they look at you like you have three heads if you ask them if they have any natural/organic/non-toxic make up. The high-end of the cosmetic market is […]

Favorite Things

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My Favorite Things I always love when someone writes these lists and guides me to some amazing new experience. I hope this list does that for you. Life is better with tea. I gave up coffee thirty years ago and never looked back.. I particularly like the Green, White, and Oolongs from these two incredible […]

Organic Essence Shea Cream

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I have been a huge fan of shea butter for a very long time. Barely a day passes that I don’t recommend it as a cure for everything from dry hair, cracked heels, scars and lip balm to eczema! I am never without it and find that as a stylist it is my go to […]