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The raw food world is full of profound stories of people who have reversed fatal diseases, lost weight and transformed their lives for the better but there aren’t many examples of what decades on raw foods look like. Certainly one of the most impressive of the handful of famous raw personalities out there is Chef Cara Brotman (and her partner Markus Rothkranz ).

Cara is the sister of the eccentric innovator of gourmet raw cuisine, Juliano Brotman of the beloved former Santa Monica restaurant Planet Raw and the author of the seminal book Raw: The Uncook Book. That restaurant set a very high bar and without a doubt is responsible for the numerous serious chefs who turned their gaze to live foods as a culinary challenge. The restaurant started in San Francisco in 1995 and later migrated to LA in the early aughts.Working alongside her brother for years, the kitchen became a laboratory for exploring the possibilities of creating a new paradigm for fine cuisine. Planet Raw was a star-studded raving success… Until they lost their lease.


        Fast forward a decade and raw food/supplement/lifestyle guru Markus Rothkranz posted a YouTube video of hitherto unseen Cara making apple raviolis in his kitchen and the entire audience watched as these two fell in love in real time before our eyes. Cara claims she spotted him on the checkout line at Home Depot and recognized him from his videos. Pretending that she too was checking out she started a conversation with him and the rest is history.

   Cara is intriguing, shocking and mesmerizing. Unapologetically sexy she wore crop tops and shortshorts while flaunting her six pack and slicing and dicing her way to raw vegan works of art. They both dress like rock stars and are happily flamboyant which seems to anger some of the youtube trolls who want to call her out for being too sexy therefore not a feminist, for having implants (which she got years earlier and doesn’t regret- given she was unhappy with her post pregnancy breasts) and for basically having more fun than everyone else. How’s your sex life? Probably not as good as theirs.

  Trolls be damned. They persevered.


    Confident and capable as only one could be who has long wielded a kitchen knife she emerged from the shadows with video after video displaying her extensive knowledge of raw food cuisine and then some.

  In 2014 she and Markus published one of the absolute best raw cookbooks: Love On A Plate. While her brother’s book was inspiring on many levels it was confounding. A recipe might have 25 ingredients with ten of them being a mystery. Cara’s book was user friendly and made you realize that you too can do this.

    At 51 very young years she is the poster child for living foods ability to slow the aging process and sustain the energy level of a teenager. All of these benefits are the result of a disciplined life. Luckily she lives with Markus in Las Vegas who makes the highest quality plant-based supplements on the market so her day begins with his protein blend, green formula and herbal vitamin C .. Also B-12 and Vitamin D which vegans require.

  Naturally she is a fan of juicing but sticks to green juices using little to no fruit which she waters down. She prefers to eat her fruit whole and avoid too much fruit sugar. The big meal of the day is a massive salad as only raw foodists seem to make them. The salad is the main event with every vegetable known to man in a bowl including seeds, chlorella, lots of cilantro and herbs and whatever dressing inspires that day.

That body doesn’t come easily. Five days a week she’s at the gym doing weight training for 75 minutes when she’s not running or watching YouTube videos for core strength as her home regimen.
       Clearly not everyone has the luxury of devoting their day to their wellness routines but if you can take away one thing it would be make the best choice available and plan well. Fill your refrigerator with gorgeous organic produce from the farmers market, high-quality supplements and the occasional sensible splurge. (check out her cookbook and YouTube videos for her to-die-for chocolate shake and luscious healthy confections).

Cara admits to cravings and isn’t always 100% raw and even suffers from the occasional food slip ( shehears the siren call of the impossible burger but usually thinks it through) but who doesn’t. Just pick yourself up and do the next right thing. (And just maybe buy something sexy.)




Some random questions answered.

  Favorite cleanse to reset the body: The Master Cleanse

  Prefers enemas over colonics.

  Moisturizes with coconut oil.

  Her favorite raw food chef is UK based Russell James.

  Her favorite raw food restaurant is: Choice in Maui.

She is a Sagittarius and Markus is a Leo.

 Her son Juliano is following in the family footsteps and has a line of plant based supplements.

  Her brother Juliano is living in Malibu and working as a private chef.

A YouTube favorite teacher is: Bruce Lipton.

    She just finished reading Younger Next Year By Chris Crowley

Early influencers: Gabriel Cousins and VictorKulvinskas

She doesn’t watch TV but goes to the occasional movie. She mentioned that they had just seen Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


Explore all of the amazing information available on Markus Rothkranz’s YouTube channel:

The Healthy Life

Definitely buy this incredible book: Love on A Plate by Cara Brotman and Markus Rothkranz

Stock up on the very best supplements:

 Published in the September/October 2019 issue of Raw Food magazine