photo by eugene mim

photo by: eugene mim

Grace Heaven Salon

Jane Webb

Jane WebbGrace Heaven proprietess Jane Webb has worked as a hair and makeup stylist in New York City for the past 22 years. Trained by celebrity stylist Andre Martheleur at Cinandre, Jane honed her skills freelancing and doing editorial work. Jane’s signature dry cutting technique allows her to better contour the shape of the hair. Working with hair in its dry state lets her sculpt hard-to-control thick hair and takes the mystery out of cutting hair wet. Jane’s work as a painter informs her color sensibility; her highlights are never shy, and her willingness to experiment ensures her more daring clientele always leave satisfied. Jane’s own chemical sensitivity led her to explore all aspects of natural living: vegan raw foodism, aromatherapy and non-toxic lifestyles. Jane is a former writer for the East Village Eye and a painter.

photo: Borisz Egri