Arati Store

Posted by on Jul 13, 2018 in Blog

 Adjacent to Gurumayi’s ashram is a magical little store that packs all your needs under one roof.

The owner Krishna has sourced a fine selection of jewelry, essential oil’s, crystals, ceramics, cd’s, clothing, books, chocolates and healthy snacks.While sipping your vegan chai latte you can settle into a couch to bask in the good vibes or you can revel in the beauty of jewelry by local artisans or find the perfect crystal specimen for your bedside table.

There are lots of cool Hindu artifacts and yoga based products. It is an oasis of calm, consciousness and beauty in what seems to be the spiritual vortex of the Catskills. This area is home to Sivananda ashram, Gurumayi’s ashram, the Buddhist Zendo called Dai Bosatsu and the thousands of Hasidic Jews that make this their summer residence. There’s something in the air that drew all of these followers to this spot.
Arati Store 278 Brickman Road

 Hurleyville, NY 12747