My Mission

My personal and professional passion for three decades has been exploring the world of eco friendly, vegan and non toxic alternatives to the previously and currently available hair and beauty care products. While many products claim to be and carry the label of “natural” it takes one who is committed to the highest possible ideals to weed out the imposters. Great care is taken in selecting products that avoid the use of artificial ingredients such as petrochemicals, chemical preservatives and lab created fragrances. If it can’t be made without artificial preservatives, I don’t use it. If the aroma isn’t extracted from a flower, herb, fruit or vegetable I avoid it. Fair Trade practices and sustainably harvested ingredients are a top priority to me as are animal welfare rights and concerns. The natural hair color of today can do it all: cover gray with rich tones, create glistening blonde highlights and produce vibrant reds. While purity is an obession so is style. My dry cuts last for months and are carefully calibrated to the personality and lifestyle of each client.

My unique salon is fastidiously maintained using only the greenest cleaning products and is powered by wind energy. For those who are already leading a deep green life, this is a haven where you can continue your pure lifestyle. For those just dipping their toes for the first time into natural hair care this salon can set you on the right course and provide you with suggestions for selecting natural hair, skin care and lifestyle options.

Aromatherapy, juice cleansing, live vegan food, film fanatic, travel and alternative healing modalities are other interests that enhance my continued exploration of green beauty.

“The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else.” – Barry Commoner